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Loteria Retablos

December 26, 2012

I’ve been making new retablos with Mexican Loteria card themes.  They are painted in large format with vibrant acrylics on repurposed metal sheets and framed in found 2×6 boards.  The dimensions vary, depending on the metal and wood I find at places like Gerson’s or from my neighbor Joe’s junk pile.   I can custom make any Loteria card you like for $500.   Get in touch for orders:


Here is the Sirena I made for my own mermaid for Christmas…

La Sirena, 2012, 23″x29″

Acrylic on metal






This is the Nopal that graces our front entrance in Tucson.

El Nopal, 2012, 21″x21″

Acrylic on metal

Biologically inspired hand made prints

September 13, 2010

Linozoic prints are hand-made, inspired by nature, and like the organisms they represent, unique and infinitely variable.

In the Linozoic world, something as dull as linoleum becomes a medium for the ever changing evolution of the zootic realm. Linozoic organisms sometimes appear as living creatures, sometimes as fossilized imprints from another time, and sometimes fetishes with only a symbolic relationship to their organic cousins.

Linozoic prints are created by Dr. Rafe Sagarin, a marine ecologist and artist in Tucson.  More information on Rafe’s scientific endeavors is here.  More art by Rafe is available here.

Here are some small prints soon to be sold in Art-o-mat machines.  They come on small MDF blocks:

You don’t have to wait to find them in the Art-o-Mat or travel to Tucson to buy them at Bohemia (though Tucson is lovely)! They can be printed and matted, folded into greeting cards, or combined into little two dimensional ecosystems.   Matted prints are available for just $40 each.  Greeting cards (4.5″ x 6″) are available for $3 each with a minimum order of 10.

Please contact Rafe for orders–dealers are welcome:

All designs copyright 2010 by Rafe Sagarin.  Please do not reproduce without permission, thanks.


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